5 everyday powders that does wonder to your health

March 26, 2017

Supergreen powders 

We’re foodies at heart, but in an unconventional way. It doesn’t mean to sacrifice our palate to eat as much as possible, but rather as healthy and satisfying as we could. Therefore, super food is something that we’ve been researching and tried out in the past year or two. Today, we’d like to introduce you to five of our favorite super food powders. They’re not only going to improve your overall health but also work their magic in preventing all sort of diseases.

Super food, in simple terms, is extraction from nutritious natural plants. Think of them as nutrient-dense fairy dusts that you can actually buy. These powders can be mixed into yogurt, drinks, baking or porridge. Also, you don’t even need too much powders to see the complete effects since they’re all highly concentrated – so a teaspoon or two a day is enough.

  1. Mangosteen 

Mangosteen, also known as the Queen of tropical fruit, has long been a part of Asian traditional medicine. It was once brought all the way from Indonesia to England so that Queen Victoria could sample it herself.

Mangosteen powder 

Note: If you can find fresh mangosteen, don’t be hesitated to give it a try. It’s pleasantly sweet and contains the most wholesome benefit. If you must use powder, however, we always recommend choosing something “organic” or “cold-pressed” as they are the purest you can get. Pregnant women should avoid this and consult doctors for the best supplement recommendation.

2. Maca 

Maca, or “Peruvian ginseng,” is a sweet tasting root powder, acting as a natural adaptogen. Its benefits range from regulating hormone, keeping energy high to promoting female sexual libido.

Maca powder

Note: Be wary though if you’re having cancers related to hormone or if you’re suffering from hormone imbalance, thyroid problem or expecting a baby. You might want to stay away from this specific supplement and consult your doctor for any supplement recommendation.

3. Spirulina 

Spirulina has become extremely popular recently among health enthusiasts. Spirulina is an alga, fresh-water plant powder with a distinctive blue-green color. Also known as powerhouse of minerals, spirulina is incredibly good for you.

Spirulina powder

Note: It’s best taken with omega-3 supplement since it contains GLA. The combination is super beneficial to the body due to anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Chlorella 

If you’re in search for a natural detoxifier and energy booster, chlorella should be the perfect choice. Just like its green algae cousin – spirulina – chlorella can detox heavy metals, aid both immune and digestive systems, and keep your brain sharpened.

Chlorella powder

Note: Chlorella could possibly be the number one supplement for cancer patients since it fights against the disease in several ways. It strengthens the immune system so the body is stronger to start off. Then it removes cancer-causing toxins while enhancing cancer-fighting T-cells to reduce abnormal cells in the body. Finally, it detoxifies and minimizes the harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

5. Baobab 

Baobab is a type of tangy super food fruit powder. In the old times, it was used to treat fevers and gastrointestinal problems. Studies have found baobab has great antioxidant components, anti-aging sources and liver detoxifier.

Baobab  powder

Note: It’s best consumed with iron-rich food, such as beef, seafood or dark leafy green, since vitamin C aids the body absorption of iron.

Another awesome perk about these super food powders is that they can last for a very long time and still able to maintain its full nutritional values. So put away those One-a-Day multivitamin pills and start using these powders! Not only they’re stuffed full of vitamins and minerals that your body craves, its vast and extra health benefits are also too good to ignore. Let us know if you decide to try out any of these powders. Good luck!

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