About us


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

The clock is running, and we are running out of time!

We need to rush out for our lives. The time is limited. Save our world!


How old are we?

We are a young couple. But we do not stay young forever. Our body is a like a fuel tank and life is like a journey. We need to cherish this journey while the tank is plentiful.

What is wrong with our lives?

Nothing is wrong. Our lives are wonderful. We love what we have. We are rich!!!

It does not mean we are wealthy people in terms of materialism. Instead, we are ample in love. We love culinary; we love travel; we love ideal lifestyle.

Does our world differ from yours?

No. Just like everybody else, we have passions. Those build up our own little world. In that world, we foster our passions for good food and good life.

We love testing restaurants. Our love for food is enormous. We crave for more than just convenient or processed food. Besides, we love exploring cuisines. Our international backgrounds help us cultivate a sense of respect for all kinds of food and cuisines worldwide.

We love to travel. We always seek to go to somewhere new. At those moments, we not only discover another page of the world, but also see a different reflection of ourselves. Somewhere, some time, someone once said, “The world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

We seek to live a joyous life. We believe in a wholesome life, in which we live mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. That is why for everything we do we sincerely do it. We are motivated to live routinely, as well as incorporate good habits into every day’s life.

Why does this blog exist?

To keep all of our memories. And more importantly, we want to share our joys with you, from our little diary entries to tips that we have done to enrich our own lives.


We hope you enjoy your times on our blog. Please sit back with a cup of tea, exploring our diary and feel free to look around for things that might be helpful to you. If you love The Couple Eats, subscribe, bookmark and visit often!