BAKE Cheese Tart – Discover the popular Hokkaido dessert in Singapore

July 8, 2017

Tasting cheese has always been a journey for us. We love cheese in everything. Feta cheese in a salad bowl, American cheese slices in a Subway sub, or cream cheese in cheesecakes, we’ll take them all.

But none of these cheeses can beat our recent favorite cheese tart at BAKE Singapore. Yup, you heard it right. Not egg tart, it’s cheese tart.

BAKE Cheese Tart in Singapore is a big deal. Who would have imagined a queue hundreds of people wait outside the store just to get their taste buds on these tarts? Yes, we’ve seen queues before- Starbucks new release of unicorn drinks, Apple new release for their iPhone, and even queue outside of our professor’s door before the finals. But queue for cheese tart? Well, this is because the tarts are insanely good.

Singaporeans and tourists sure love these tarts. The store first launched in Singapore in April 2016, and it remains the most popular store island wide. Because of its popularity, people initially bought up to 200 tarts at once, making the store run out of its supplies before serving the long queue behind. That’s why BAKE Cheese Tart limits each person maximum of 12 tarts. As we were standing in line, we saw almost everyone got 12 tarts. At the retail price of $3.50 each, these tarts are not cheap.

Do you wonder what makes the cheese tart so appealing?

Let’s start with the crust. The crust is crispy from the outside, and moist inside. The crust has that unique velvet texture that resembles sweet bread tart. The trick here is that BAKE baked these crusts first in Japan before sending them abroad. In Singapore, specifically, the store in ION Mall @Orchard bakes these crusts again after piping in cheese mousse. This two-step process blends in the cheese mousse and the crust to produce superb tarts. And with 7cm in diameter in all baked tarts, BAKE ensures their products fit into everyone’s mouth comfortably ( talking about Japanese’s insane quality control standard !!)

Hold on a minute, we just said it, right? Cheese mousse. Yes, the filling is mousse-like and we are in fact addicted to it. The cheese mousse is very premium. It is made from three different kinds of cheese- Hakodate cheese and Betsukai cheese in Hokkaido, and French cheese. The mousse is soft and fluffy with aerated inside. It first tastes savory but then, a subtle hint of sweetness comes to pamper the palate. With the brushed egg on top, these tarts come out in golden burnt yellow, making them visually appealing and fragrant.

BAKE Cheese Tart might be the best cheese tart we’ve ever tried. The tarts are very luscious and indulgent. Apart from Singapore, BAKE is also available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. Let’s hope someday, BAKE will make its way to the States because we can’t wait to show you guys how good the tarts are.


BAKE Cheese Tart

Address: ION Orchard – 2 Orchard Road, B4-33, Singapore 238801

Phone: (+65) 6509 9233

Hours: 10am – 10pm ( everyday) 

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