SimpleSpoons Matcha Brownie & Promo Code

May 21, 2017

Brownie is magical, don’t you think? It’s a classic to all chocolate lovers, which I know there are a lot out there. Brownie can be eaten anywhere, anytime. What could be better to have a piece of brownie in the office on a busy day?

But I’m one of those rare ones who don’t like the rich chocolate taste. It’s bitter. I rather opt for something pure sweet like the Matcha Cream Puff. However, to my girlfriend, brownie can make her day. She recently persuaded me to give the Matcha Chocolate Chip Brownie from Simple Spoon NYC a try and I accepted semi-reluctantly. It turned out….mind-blowing; I was hooked.

First and for most, let me make it clear: this recipe produces chewy brownie. So if you prefer the cake-y texture, you might want to look elsewhere. With that said, let’s jump right into my new favorite brownie recipe. The package came with one mason jar and… that was it. The jar was already divided into layers of matcha, sugar, flour and chocolate chips. So all I had to do was to mix everything inside it with two beaten eggs and one stick of melted butter. Please note that the butter and eggs did not come with the package, as these are perishable products.

One tip to get a delicious cake out of the mixture is to mix everything until well-incorporated. It might seem like an abstract word, but as soon as you see a smooth texture, with no chunks of flour or sugar presented, then stop mixing. You really don’t want to overmix it or else the brownie will turn out slightly tough.

Then, pour everything into a square pan, with or without aluminum foil is up to you. But really, I was being overly cautious to have the aluminum foil here. The cake came out in chewy goodness, so it wouldn’t be too sticky if you baked it without the foil. Baking time was about 25 minutes, so it was pretty much accurate as their recipe said.

The final product was amazing. Honestly, “amazing” does not convey everything I got to say about the brownie. It tasted so satisfying, with adequate sweetness, a bit creamy as I’d like, and crunchy chocolate nibs. Serving size was 9 brownies so I had abundant to share with my girlfriend.

Simple Spoons has been very kind in giving our readers a discount code of 15% on all orders (thecoupleeat15). Please leave us a comment, here or on our Instagram, on what you pick. Also click here to read our reviews on the Matcha Cream Puff and other treats we have tried from SimpleSpoons. Cheers!

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