SimpleSpoons Matcha Cream Puff & Hot Chocolate Trio Mix Review

May 28, 2017

Matcha is an unquestionable addiction to us. For once, it has 137 times more anti-oxidant than regular green tea. So having a cup of matcha means you’re reaping equivalent benefits of 10 cups of normal green tea. Second, it’s technically ‘powdered tea’ and so it’s easy to create some wonderful desserts/drinks/cakes out of the powder. Check out our recipe here if you want some delicious homemade matcha drinks.

Having that said, we’re been addicted to a new kind of matcha goodness lately- Matcha Cream Puff from Simple Spoons NYC. The brand’s motto is to aid people with no prior baking experience. Ideally, this wouldn’t be for experienced bakers like ourselves. But since one of our good friends recommended it, we thought of why not giving it a try.

Simple Spoons – Where Baking Begins

Matcha Cream Puff

The package came with a very nice packaging of clean white background, simple logo and minimalistic design. Opening the box, we were impressed by the inside organization. Everything was packed in order of category (cream, choux, craquelin). Each category includes the exact amounts of ingredients. Baking-specific tools like spatula, piping bag, and parchment paper were provided. We especially feel the brand has made great efforts in making baking experience a fun one, as our parchment paper had drawn-out circular shape for us to pipe out the choux in even size.

Very nice and organized packaging

Despite everything in the box, we came to a surprise that Simple Spoons did not provide butter and eggs. They’ve clarified that they assume every household would always have these perishable produces ready in the fridge. In addition, the instruction paper was quite clustered with words. Instructions at times were not clear. However, there were photos on it, which could come in handy if you ever felt lost.

Instruction page & spatula

Baking time would depend on the type of oven you have. In our experience, the baking time was shorter than expected. The total time to have the complete product was a little more than 20 minutes and burnt already started showing. So we decided to skip the cooling time (at lower temperature in the oven) and our choux appeared flimsy and sad. Therefore, please note that the cooling time is very important for this kind of choux to puff up.

The piping bag didn’t come with a thin tip, making it very hard to pipe the cream inside the choux. We had to use our own tip to create a clean and full filling.

Piping crust mix onto parchment paper (provided)

Some part of this recipe also called for a hand-held mixer. Realistically, first-time bakers don’t usually own this type of device. We tried to do it by hand and found it manageable, though it was drastically long and frustrating to mix all of that by human power. The whipping cream took quite a long time to whisk to the stiff peak consistency. So be patient while doing this step. Putting the whipping cream in the freezer 15 minutes prior to whisking helped expedite this step as well.

Whipping by hand can be quite time-consuming


The final product was quite yummy to be honest. Matcha flavor was clear and strong. With just a hint of sweetness. Soft and buttery puff, crispy salted crust, our matcha puff tasted superb!

What an interesting experience! I would recommend this to any bakers, but will not recommend this to complete newbie. We’ve laid out some pros and cons for your preference.


  • Nice packaging
  • Include all ingredients
  • Taste delicious


  • The instructions need to be clearer.
  • Require advanced equipment like hand-held mixer

Hot Chocolate Trio Mix

Apart from making baking an easy and fun process, Spoon NYC also sells pre-made powder drinks that proves to be perfect for anybody’s busy schedules. Named ‘Hot Chocolate Trio Mix,’ the package comes with 3 tubes with flavors of Matcha, Cookies and Cream, and Hazelnut Salted Caramel. At the price point of $11.99, we think this is very reasonable, as it would cost you around $4-5 per cup of these drinks if you were to buy them in stores.

Hazelnut Salted Caramel: Nutty, buttery, and chocolatey with a smooth finish and delicious aftertaste.
Cookies & Cream: Intensely dark in both flavor and color to satisfy those cookie cravings.
Matcha: Hot chocolate with earthy matcha undertones and a slight caffeine kick.

To be honest, the packaging of Trio Mix really tucked on our heartstrings in the best way possible. Covered in cheesy red, the box looked nice and romantic. It had a soft blooming pink bow which made the package a perfect gift to your other half. Inside the box, there were three plastic test tubes filled with powders in layers and a small spatula. It also included a nice bag of marshmallow and a paper instruction. To make each drink, simply boil 12-oz of water, and mix it with the powders. Adding marshmallow to the drink is recommended.

Gifting-appropriate packaging

However, please note the marshmallow would get hard over time due to air dry. Hence, consider placing the marshmallow in a zip lock bag to prevent inedible marshmallow.

Just add hot milk!

Notes: Simple Spoon NYC features a handful of easy recipe for first-time bakers. One of them is the Earl Grey Cupcake. The cupcakes are cute, petite and slightly sweet. Its texture is fluffy with hints of earl grey. Atop are light whipping cream frosting and dried blue butterfly pea flowers.

Matcha Chocolate Chip Brownie is also a good jump start for get yourself familiarize with baking. These warm and chewy matcha green tea brownies are available in white and dark chocolate chips. The combination of matcha and chocolate results in a bittersweet taste. Click here to read our in-depth review.

SimpleSpoons has been very kind in giving our readers a discount code of 15% on all orders (thecoupleeats15). Let us know what you decide to get and how’s the baking turn out. Good luck!

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