The 5 best coffee stores in Midtown Atlanta

February 4, 2017

Coffee. It’s the vital thing for most people every morning. Drinking coffee is a habit; it makes you alerted, even smelling it makes your adrenaline run wild.

But not for us.

Once in a while, we take a sip of coffee just because of the feel of it- goodness, relaxation, and freedom. We enjoy sipping coffee because its bitterly alluring taste and irresistible fragrance. But above all, sipping a cup of coffee makes us feel on top of the world. No hustle and bustle, only calmness.

That’s why a cup of coffee means so much more if sold in a coffee shop. It’s the ambience, the comfy seat, the background music that all come together to create the perfect coffee experience. Today, let us walk you through our top picks of 5 coffee stores in Westside Provisions.


Shipping container café

Brash, first of all, impresses any coffee drinker by its minimalistic store where the entire place is packed in one shipping container. Impressive decor, topnotch coffee (even their pastries is very thoughtful), and reasonable price, Brash should be in your bucket list if coffee is your lover.

Opened in the Summer of 2015 by Octane former barista Matt Ludwikowski, Brash is a farm-to-cup coffee store. Sourcing the beans directly from El Salvador, the store roasts the beans themselves and brews coffee mostly by hand. We have visited Brash a couple times; each time, we were so impressed as our cups were prepared with much care. The highlight? It’s gotta be the coffee cup itself. It tastes strong and wonderful. They don’t sweeten it up with any syrup (unless you get a mocha, which is flavored using the handmade chocolate syrup). But rest assured, there’s a homemade maple syrup that sits right on the countertop for you to suit yourself.

Cascara (coffee cherry tea), cappuccino and chocolate croissant

The coffee store also sells handmade pastries and snacks. At first, it might look as if the pastries are pretty much alike to that of the Starbucks’s. But no, it is truly on another level. Even the everything bagel is exceptionally fragrant with garlic. Our favorite? Chewing a chocolate croissant, sipping coffee and sitting outdoor to enjoy the sun, the ambience, and the life of Westside Provisions.

Chattahoochee coffee company

A gem in Westside Provision

This coffee store, at first, is quite hard to find. It’s nestled next to the leasing office of an apartment complex. Yet, once you find it, it’ll soon become the new go-to place. Why? It’s simply amazing.

Consistency. Chattahoochee is one of those rare places that takes extreme care of their coffee. Each cup of coffee (even just regular iced coffee) is meticulously weighed out to the gram to ensure consistency in each cup. The staff in addition is very careful when assembling the coffee cups. They might take a bit longer to prepare the coffee, but once it’s served, it’s perfect. You’ll be wowed by the coffee art and the impressive taste of roasted beans. Knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive, they radiate positivity that, in turn, makes all the stress go away.

Caramel Vanilla Latte and Soymilk Latte

In addition, Chattahoochee has a nice hipster vibe to it. The interior reminisces that of a rustic Hardware restoration. Wooden tables, cushy seats and sofas, large windows, the place is very relaxing. Furthermore, the Internet here is fast enough, the background music is appropriate, and the vibe is warm and cozy. It’s a perfect place to indulge a cup of coffee, read your books, and get work done.

Extra: A huge plus, Chattahoochee sells handmade products for charitable purpose.

Land of a Thousand Hills

Located inside Atlantic Station

Each coffee shop approaches their coffee cups in different ways. For Land of a Thousand Hills, the motto is “Drink coffee, do good.”

Although the storefront has the normal brick-and-mortar look, the inside will awe you with interesting decorations. There’s this mixture of classic wooden tablewares, vibrant yellow walls and modern marble countertops that are very pleasant to see. There’re also maps of African continent, row of pictures depicting Rwandan farmers, and steel ceiling lamps. The store uses Rwandan grown and harvested coffee beans, supporting local Rwandan farmers and communities. Not only it is all about drink coffee do good but the price is very reasonable.

The store’s menu is very extensive, featuring coffee, foods and desserts. The coffee menu has everything from cappuccino, espresso to Rwandan and Samoan chill. There are also less-caffeine drinks like matcha latte and chai latte for ones who can’t take high doses of caffeine. Even when you find these drink options are too light of a drink, you can always get an alcoholic punch with their alcoholic coffee menu. Breakfast, lunch, dessert and craft food combine a sufficiently satisfied service for coffee drinkers to fill their bellies up, no matter what time of the day it is.

Soy Matcha latte and Tiramisu

Sitting down on a cushy sofa, sipping your coffee, flipping through the book. Does that sound good? At the Land of a Thousand Hills, you’ll be able to pick up tons of books from their bookshelves collection. If the books bore you, then feel free to pick up some selected board games here. Obviously, the coffee shop is designed for hour-long chilling.

Extra: The alcoholic coffee menu is likely to be handed to you at the register. You can also check the black chalkboard to the right of the register for seasonal drink specials. They have reward cards, in which you’ll get your 11th cup for free.


Bright & open atmosphere

A quick note before we begin: Revelator is very different from other stores, in a good way.

The decor of this coffee store is absolutely stunning. The inside a perfect for hour-long working and chilling. We loved the minimalistic decor the store brings upfront. As soon as you walk into the store, there’s this opened lounging area that gives off a very leisure and chill feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lights into the store; bright walls, wooden shelves and light wooden floors bring the vibe that of a typical modern office space.There are sofa seatings in which you can find cushy pillows and blankets to snug yourself in on cold days. There’s also a long wooden table sitting across from the register that provides comfortable workspace for fans of traditional working style.

Chai latte and brewed green tea

However, our bartender should be the brightest highlight. He’s very graceful and soft talking to us, and also takes his time delicately making our drinks. We liked the cappuccino and though the coffee here might taste more bitter and sour, it’s up to personal preferences. We also tried other drinks and were really impressed by the high quality, namely delicious chai latte and excellent green tea that smells very fragrant and calming.

Dancing goats

It’s a nice sunny mid-70 day outside. You want to get out, breathe in some fresh air and get some warmth. Going on a field trip is not ideal cause you only have a couple spare hours. What should you do? The answer: Go to Dancing Goats at Ponce Market City.

Outdoor retreat patio

Dancing Goats stands out from the rest, in our opinion, thanks to its creativity. The store delicates a huge outdoor patio area that looks so rustic like a barn, which has ample seatings including beds and swinging seats. There are a number of ceiling fans, lights and a mini fountain to sweep away the heat of the day. We’ve literally spent hours here, surfing on the net, crack open a new book, and chilling with the time. It was as if we were on a field trip and left the hustling city life of Atlanta behind, while in fact the store resides at the heart of Midtown.

Caffè Mocha and Almond Latte

The store’s menu is very extensive with reasonable prices. They have two sugar-free syrups of vanilla and hazelnut. We find the Batdorf & Bronson coffee very interesting, with fairly light roasted flavor. We also liked their chai latte with sea salt olive oil bagel. The coffee store does sell coffee beans, so if you adore something strongly, getting their beans (by pounds) to brew it at home is a very good option.

We don’t like to talk about drawbacks, but there definitely are some. We find their mocha overly sweet, while the coffee art- one of the components to enjoy coffee to the fullest– is inconsistent. At times, the coffee art is astounding while some other times, our latte is poorly executed. Also, the shop is very popular even in winter times. So if you find the indoor store is jam packed (while the outdoor patio is empty), and the noise level is too loud, it is understandable!

Extra: We found this interesting story about Dancing Goats on their website, be sure to read this with a coffee in hand!

“In the remote highlands of 9th century Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, a lone goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats were full of energy, dancing and prancing, after eating a small red fruit from a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, he ate the cherries and soon he was dancing too. According to legend, Kaldi and his goats had discovered coffee.”

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